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Difficulty Rating System

At BMA we strive to provide a safe adventures for riders to enjoy and challenge themselves. Our rating system is designed to help you assess whether a given ride is appropriate for your skill level. If you don't see a ride that looks like a good fit for you, reachout to us and we will put together a custom ride


Beginner/novice off-road skills:

  • Relatively flat dirt roads that are suitable for all riders maintained remote dirt roads with loose small gravel to golf ball size rocks.

  • Small potholes, pinecones, pine needles, and forest debris, sweeping turns and gradual elevation changes


Novice/Intermediate off road skills:

  • Rarely maintained remote dirt roads, some rocks and forest branches, moderate potholes, creek crossings and mud puddles.

  • Curvy-twisty turns and moderate grade changes uneven trails small possible moderate ruts

Intermediate/Expert off-road skills:

  • Unmaintained remote dirt roads with bigger  sized rocks, ruts, intermediate hills

  • Rocky stair steps larger potholes, mud holes, large branches scattered forest debris, deep water creeks twisty turns tighter terrain 

Expert/Exceptional off-road skills:

  • More technical rugged off-road terrain

  • Unmaintained remote dirt roads, ruts, challenging obstacles, larger sized rocks,  drop offs, large potholes, narrow trails

  • Tight corners, single track trails, switchback corner, steep hills


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